Who are we ?

CollEx-Persée is a coordinated network pooling a national digital facility (Persée), large research libraries, including the French national library, and national STI entities (ABES, CTLES, Inist). All these stakeholders are gathered under the umbrella of a scientific interest group, or GIS, together with the CNRS and the Athéna Alliance. Its main purpose is to ease access to, and to foster use of, information resources by research communities. CollEx-Persée focuses on large collections held by research libraries and heritage institutions, whether it is printed documents, digitized corpora, electronic resources, special collections, archives and more generally any type of materials to support research in all disciplines. It is a framework for the development of national policies for digitization and shared preservation and for the implementation of concerted actions.

Four priorities are addressed: (1) improving the visibility of the collections by mapping and referencing them; (2) enriching the information offering through document collection and digitization, and licensing; (3) developing new services with researchers (subject-based expertise, management of datasets, support to Digital Humanities projects, information literacy, open access to research outputs, interlibrary loan, etc.) and (4) ensuring long-term preservation of collections. Persée is the key operator for both coordinating the digitization programs with researchers and managing scholarly enhancement and online dissemination of digitized corpora.

CollEx-Persée provides access services to scientific and technical information for independent workers, VSEs and SMEs that do not have major documentary capabilities (particularly in law, medecine, economics, management, engineering sciences).

For more information : information@collex.eu or MERIL