Enquête : Digital humanities and digital collections in LIBER libraries

LIBER, via son groupe de travail « Digital Humanities and Digital Cultural Heritage » conduit actuellement une étude des pratiques en humanités numériques de la part des bibliothèques européennes. N’attendez plus pour y répondre !

Dear members,

I am happy to share the survey we have been working on in the LIBER Digital Humanities and Digital Cultural Heritage working group is open for responses. We would hereby like to invite you to fill it out and help build the overview of what is happening with digital humanities in LIBER libraries.

The survey aims to examine the state of digital humanities (or digital scholarship in STEM libraries) in Europe. The resulting picture of the DH landscape will be presented at LIBER 2019 (Dublin, 26-28 June).

Take the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LIBERDH

The survey should take 20-30 minutes to complete, depending on how many questions are applicable to your library, and does not have to be filled out at once. The survey remembers where you left off if you wish to continue at a later stage. All LIBER librarians are invited to respond before 15 March 2019.

The outcomes of this survey will be anonymised and published through LIBER, and will form part of the PhD-project of Lotte Wilms (affiliated with Maastricht University). If you are interested in participating in later case studies in this PhD-research, please leave your e-mail address in the survey.

I want to thank all members who helped put this survey together, including all participants of the LIBER 2018 workshop. Your input was very valuable and has been incorporated in the final version. We hope you will all take the time to fill out our survey.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Best wishes, also on behalf of our working group and core team,

Lotte Wilms


Lotte Wilms MA

Digital Scholarship Advisor

Sector Innovation & ICT